New COE – El Salvador "Los Planes"

Well it was a busy day online…but we now have an outstanding coffee coming from El Salvador. It should be here in approximately 4 weeks. This was the most sought after coffee in the auction. And in fact, commanded the highest price in the auction. Even though it ranked second. You can read more about… Continue Reading

El Salvador Cup of Excellence

It won’t be long now…PTs has joined a great group of roasters from around the country to bid on one of the top lots in the El Salvador Cup of Excellence auction to be held this Thursday. Jayson (thats him, the tall guy in the hat) was on the jury about a month ago and… Continue Reading

Rwanda is here!!!

I’m pleased to announce our newest African offering- Rwanda Humure. This coffee is the result of an outstanding co-op and hard work by the PEARL Project / USAID. If you’re a fan of Kenyans you’ll love this Rwandan. It has a bright acidity with delicious green apple and passion fruit flavors that combine well with… Continue Reading