“God in the Cup”

I’m reading this new book called  “God in the Cup?”  No, I’m not going to review the book – you’re safe. But it is an interesting read, even if some of the facts are a little off track and personalities a little exaggerated. My friend Duane can tell you all about the exaggerations.I  purchased my copy… Continue Reading


As I sit here at terminal – gate 68 – in KCI airport, I am remembering my last trip to El Salvador.  This will be my second trip there since the first of the year.The first trip, in January, was to examine the crops and the damage caused by a horrible wind storm at Finca… Continue Reading


On a trip to origin February of 2007 I had the good fortune to meet members of the Finca Vista Hermosa family (Edwin Martinez and his son Edwin Jr. ) and the excellent staff they have that works their farm high in the mountains of Huehuetenango region of Guatemala.The staff is managed, in the family’s absence, by… Continue Reading

Travels to Source – Finca El Molino

Coffee producer and consultant to the Jasal Mill, Aida Batlle, picked us up at the airport when we arrived in El Salvador. Visiting Aida is always a pleasure as she is dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate about the quality of coffees that she produces. Finca El Molino is not her farm, but she treats it like… Continue Reading

Travels to Source – Finca Los Planes

Our next stop on the journey through El Salvador was to one of my favorite farms, Finca Los Planes. This is an extraordinary farm that produces exceptional coffee in the Chalatenango region along the Honduras border. We’ve purchased this coffee for a couple of years and hope to continue the process for many more. Sergio… Continue Reading

Travels to Source – Finca La Montana

The winds cut through the Chalantenango region of El Salvador like a sharp knife in early January. Raul “Beto” Ochoa, a young man at heart, was home with his daughters that night huddled in a corner saying a prayer. When the three turned out the lights and headed to bed, the farm, Finca La Montana… Continue Reading


The Holiday rush is in full swing, and last minute shopping for the perfect gift is starting to become even more frantic. If that perfect gift happens to be coffee from PTs Coffee Roasting Co, make sure that you choose UPS 2-Day shipping for orders placed after December 19th. As much as possible, we will… Continue Reading


THANK YOU, GREATCOFFEE.COM!  We are honored to be included in your list of the top 50 roasters in the USA, but we are just getting started! It was just the other day I got a package in the mail from They are an online site selling coffee from the top roasters in the industry. As… Continue Reading


Guatemala coffees are always a delight to roast, brew and drink. It’s hard to describe the flavor of a Guatemalan coffee though in generic terms. Thats because the country is so diverse, the land so rich in mineral content and the weather so perfect for growing coffee it’s almost hard not to grow a nice… Continue Reading