Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the big news is in: Heather made the finals!!!! Now that I got that out of the way, it has been a crazy past two days. There were 45 competitors between the days and there was some incredible talent. Unfortunately there is only room for 6 in the finals, so this year we have the United Kingdom, Brazil, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, and of course US!! I am confident that Heather and Coffee Klatch will make us proud no matter what. We have alot to do early in the morning, so I should call it a day even though I am super psyched… If you would like to see videos of the competitors and haven’t checked it out yet take a look at Zachary and Katie are here blooging like MAD to get all of this content to us. I will have the results posted as soon as I get back to my hotel tomorrow, which might end up being a bit late….