In the last month or so, I am sure that some of you may be tired of hearing about the Gombe Coffee Project in Tanzania. We are so proud of the work that Sustainable Harvest has been doing with the Kanyovu Coop that we are telling everyone that will listen. Well,Gombe Coffee Project now you do not have to hear it from us; this month’s issue of Fresh Cup, a national coffee publication, features an article about this wonderful coffee. It describes the struggles of the poor farmers of the Kanyovu Coop to break into the specialty coffee industry and how Sustainable Harvest is helping them improve the quality and availability of their coffee. Libby Evans does a great job with her article, but something that I wish she would have talked more about is the quality of the coffee being produced. We joined this project with the understanding that the farmers were in the process of improving the quality of their coffee. But when we received our first shipment we were blown away by its outstanding flavor. It has a nice, tangy-wininess that is complimented with notes of thyme, blackberries and honey. This is definitely a coffee that the farmers should be as proud to produce as we are to roast.