October twenty-first is going to be a busy day for PT’s. Not only is the Barista Guild’s Jam that weekend, but PT’s is having the first ever coffee in the community!

This is taking place at the PT’s Barrington Village location in Topeka on the corner of 29th and Arrowhead. This is going to be a great family fun and coffee lover event.

It begins at 2pm and goes until 6pm. There are going to be a variety of activities for children as well as the big kids. We are going to have a coffee tasting, a look at what goes on behind the bar, and coffee education videos playing. A local Topeka band Within is going to be performing as well.

The best thing is all of the proceeds from the event are going to be donated to Breast Cancer Education and awareness.

If you want more details on this event feel free to call at 785.862.5282 or drop me an e-mail at victoria@ptscoffee.com