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So, just how good are your baristi? Do they know how to pull the perfect shot of espresso every time? Can they stretch and froth milk with perfect consistency then pour latte art in the cup? Can they serve customers quickly so they get their drinks and get on their way?

An excellent barista can mean all the difference to a coffee shop: they help create the right ambiance, the proper spirit of service, and the excellent cups that customers will come back for.

PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. has been cultivating award-winning baristas for over 12 years. Led by Holly Bastin and Jeff Taylor, a certified World Barista Judge, our group of trainers have personally placed in the top two spots of the Midwest Barista Championship four out of the last five years. And placed two in the top three in all six years of the competition. Recently, Pete Licata finished second in the USBC.

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