Well, the inaugural Flatlanders’ Barista Cup is in the books now and all of us are exhausted, but feeling pretty good!

From what I saw, everyone had a great time, and learned a TON about espresso and some of our very close Direct Trade Farms. The presentations were awesome and far beyond what I think we even hoped for. And, I really enjoyed working with and getting to know all of the competitors as I sort of emceed this thing through.

Some of my favorite moments were watching the teams sitting down 1 on 1 with these amazing producers and hearing stories from them and the people there. Some of the info was stuff not even I had heard before!

As easy as it would be to give a lot of props to the staff members who were very visible over the course of the event, like Jeff, Maritza, Autumn, or myself, I think the real credit goes to the rest of the staff.

Our barista crew at the Flying Monkey led by Holly, not just delivered great coffee and service, but allowed this event to disrupt the normal work flow on bar several times. That’s never easy to deal with, but Holly and her crew were so welcoming and professional about the whole thing that they enabled us to invade the space and have some great moments.

Our production staff blew me away. After a full day of production on Friday, they had to deep clean and rearrange the warehouse space so we had an area for our festivities. Never a negative word, and they made it look awesome. Not only that, they had to come back in early Monday to set the place back up for a full heavy work day. In addition to that, they all chipped in as drivers, station management crew, and cupping lab assistants throughout the weekend.

And our customer service crew was everywhere. You name the event, and they were right there helping with the logistics of pulling it off without a hitch.

To have a first class event like this, we needed everyone on this first class staff to bring it, and they did.

Now, the focus shifts as we begin to look forward to the next cup. There’s no doubt that this is happening again, and we’re already discussing ways to make it even bigger, and even badder next time!

If you were here, I hope to see you again! And, remember to send feedback! We are looking to make the Flatlanders’ Barista Cup the best damned team event in the United States and I think we’re off to a great start. With the feedback from everyone who was here, we can help it evolve and continue to be an amazing experience throughout the years!

If you didn’t make it, I hope you’ll keep up on the social sites for the pictures and stories reviewing the event so you can see just what a great experience it was. Hopefully, we’ll see you next time! Stay tuned for the details on the next event on our site. You won’t want to miss it again.

I’m inspired by everyone who helped make this great weekend happen! Things like this always reinvigorate me as a professional, fill my heart with love for our industry as a whole, and inspire me to keep on learning and create forums to share that knowledge with anyone who’ll listen.