ipanema-espressoFazenda Ipanema in Sul de Minas is located near the cities of Alfenas & Machado. It has become one of the premier sources of all preparations of Brazilian Coffee in both Europe and the United States. One of the Ipanema coffees received the Cup of Excellence Award in the 2002 Cup of Excellence competition.

The Farm was established in 1970 and has embraced old growing techniques and modern quality controls, which have resulted in an excellent and consistent coffee. The Furnas Reservoir on the farm provides the coffee with a thermal protection from some of the potential damage of frost.

Fazenda Ipanema gained UtzKapeh certification for its environmental and social practices. Utzkapeh Certification certifies that the farm maintains the environment, food safety standards, education and training for the workers and their families as well as health care and cultural diversity on the farm. These criteria are in place for seasonal as well as permanent workers.

Prepared with washed, semi-washed, and natural coffees, this blend was trial run for three years before it reached its current make-up. When perfectly roasted and ground its low acidity, accentuated body and sweetness comes across due to the balance achieved by using the three coffee componentsipanema-espresso-image, having an extremely pleasant aftertaste.  With distinct acidity, its creamy and velvety body brings you a pronounced orange honey finish.