Well, everyone made it here to Long Beach in one piece. As much as I would like to say this post will be full of madness, mayhem, and mystery, but two out of three isn’t bad right?
I arrived around 12:30 today and found a shuttle to Long Beach, excited about attending my very first SCAA Conference and getting to do it as a PT’s barista! A company known for it’s quality throughout the coffee community and im so proud to be a member of this squad of Goonies. Shortly after arriving, I contacted one of our competing baristas, Pete Licata and than met up with another of our baristas and Midwestern Barista Champ Robin Seitz and team member Chris Berola from Latte Land. While Pete went to go get buff, Robin, Chris and I went over to the Convention Center to get some checking in takin care of and to check out the mayhem known as the competitors area of the United States Barista Championship, lol. Yeah, it was a slew of who’s who in the barista community including every past USBC Champ, except one, returning for this year. There were rounds of hellos, howdys, and how’ve you beens goin around everywhere. Especially exciting for me because this was my chance to match faces with all the names I have heard about. All of the biggest rock stars in our small barista community here in the US standing in one room. And one of them is going to walk away the next USBC champ. But, as nice and joyful as everyone was, it was nothing but business for the PT’s crew. Pete and Chris got all of their stuff unpacked and ready for practice tomorrow. They have been working sooooooo hard the last couple of months for this moment and are ready to shine. Robin will begin competing on Sunday. Since he won the MWRBC, he gets to move right into the semi finals.
Jeff and Holly spent most of the day working with the judging staff getting them set up for competition. This is to make sure everyone that is judging is on the same page and scoring correctly. It’s no easy task getting everyone squared away and in sync but im sure Jeff and Holly laid the smack down! lol.
Well, the mystery part will be what will happen tomorrow. Everyone gets started pretty early which means I should hit the sack.
From Long Beach. Good Night, and may the force be with us…and with you too of course!