One of our customers this last week wanted to know a little more about our Rwandan Bufcafe, and I thought I would pass on the information for anyone who would like to knowRwanda Bufcafe Dancers a little bit more about this intriguing coffee. Although Rwanda is in no way new to the coffee world, it is just now starting to recover from the sectarian violence and political instability that ravaged this country in the last decade. Coffee farming is becoming a stabilizing factor in this unstable region. This year’s offering is from Rwanda Bufcafe Millthe Gikongoro region of southwest Rwanda. The Bufcafe coffee mill is owned by a woman named Epiphanie who is getting back on her feet after suffering great losses during the genocide. She and her workers take great care to make sure that only the highest quality coffee is included in your morning cup. In order to help her in this effort, we agreed to pay her an extra 4% per pound of coffee so that she can have an ensured supply of water for her mill and the local farming community. We hope that you enjoy this coffee as much as we do and that you will know that each cup of coffee that you drink is helping to provide this community with a viable and sustainable way of life. If you would like any information about our other coffees, just send me an e-mail at

Rwanda Bufcafe Cistern- Photo provided by Tim Chapdelaine of Volcafe


Photos provided by Tim Chapdelaine of Volcafe

Bryan Miller