PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. is 21 years old this year and along the road there have been many changes. With an eye towards the future and an appreciation for the past, we are making changes to our lineup of Signature Blends.

While continuing to strengthen old and make new Direct Trade partnerships, we have been redeveloping our coffee purchasing strategies. In order to make newer and better things possible, we are redefining the blends we offer.

On February 28th, we will produce the final roasts of Thunder Road and Gizmo. For fans of these coffees, you can make your final orders by 4pm on Thursday, February 27th. After that, we have the following suggestions:

For fans of Thunder Road, we recommend our John Brown blend. The roast profiles are quite similar and you will find that it is the perfect well-balanced, medium-dark roast.

For fans of Gizmo, we highly recommend you try our Flying Monkey blend. As new coffee crops have come in, our profiling of these two blends have begun to merge. That sweet, bold chocolate flavor lives on in Flying Monkey and we are certain that you will enjoy it.

If you have any questions, you can email us at or call 888-678-5282 and our expert Customer Service team provide you with answers and information.