But PT’s Coffee is committed to doing it right. Beginning April 1st, 2010, PT’s Coffee will only roast coffee grown in Kansas! Kansas’ relatively low elevation (mean elevation is 2,000 feet) and temperature swings will limit the annual production to just over 1 pound, but we understand that doing things right requires sacrifices.

Roaster Adam Ross diligently roasting coffee

Roaster Adam Ross diligently roasting coffee AND saving the earth

Our new environmental initiatives also include roasting coffee over a wood fire and exchanging our delivery van and shipping companies with a bike delivery service. Despite the extended delivery times, (a little over 5 days of non-stop biking for shops in New York and 7 days for Seattle), we believe that these new procedures will significantly help reduce our carbon footprint and impact upon the environment. If you would like to play your part, please volunteer for shifts delivering our specialty coffee across the country. Ezra Anderson, our soon to be ridiculously skinny delivery driver, will appreciate the help.