It has been a really long day here in Neiva, Colombia. But the good news is, we’ve narrowed the coffees from 80 to 40. And even better, as I blogged yesterday, the coffees today were outstanding! Thats great news! The top 10 should really be outstanding when we are done with our work. Thursday is… Continue Reading


It was early Tuesday morning when we entered the “Centro de Convenciones – Jose Eustacio Rivera” in Neiva, Colombia. And we didn’t waste any time. The 32 jury members, including myself, from around the world headed straight for the cupping tables. To be honest…most of us passed on our morning cup at the hotel, knowing… Continue Reading


A few photos from the early days of the competition. Enjoy! Jeff

Welcome to Neiva – Colombia CoE

Welcome to Neiva, Department of Huila, Colombia. I’ve landed in Neiva, Colombia as part of my never ending quest to find the best coffees the world has to offer. You might remember, or have tried coffees, from other Central / South American competitions PTs participated in earlier this year or last. In the fall of… Continue Reading

Have you tried our Colombia CoE

PTs Coffee Roasting Co. Have you tried our Colombia El Palacio? It is great coffee that we purchased in last fall’s Colombian Cup of Excellence internet auction. The coffee actually placed 4th in the competition (I was on the jury – see inset – for this particular coffee) but for us, it was the best… Continue Reading

Mexican National Barista Championship

PTs Coffee Blog Well, the wake up call came a little too early for my liking this morning. But never the less, I boarded the plane on time and have traveled down south to Mexico City for the Mexican National Barista Championship.This will be the second time I’ve judged in this competition and I must… Continue Reading

Panama Esmeralda- first roast.

It took less than two hours for the crew at the roasting facility to finish off a three liter airpot of the first sample roast of Panama Esmeralda. In 100 degree heat no less! Needless to say it tastes amazing and we will be rolling out production roasts of this extremely limited coffee starting this… Continue Reading


As I sit in the air-conditioned indoors, I can’t help but think that it’s already August….and that means fall is just around the corner. Coffee weather. Let’s face it, in the midwest we all truly appreciate fall more than any other season…especially in the coffee industry. With the weather changes I’ve been trying to cook… Continue Reading

New COE – El Salvador "Los Planes"

Well it was a busy day online…but we now have an outstanding coffee coming from El Salvador. It should be here in approximately 4 weeks. This was the most sought after coffee in the auction. And in fact, commanded the highest price in the auction. Even though it ranked second. You can read more about… Continue Reading