Moving the roaster…..

For those of you who wondered how it all went down…we took pictures 🙂

Remember Remember the Fifth of November….

So, it’s day two in the new space and things are really coming together. Yesterday was an interesting day as things weren’t quite as ready as we had hoped. As many of you out there well know, this is often the case with moving. Our electricity (which is now working splendidly) was not initially up… Continue Reading

Some things are better with Age :)

I was talking to Ezra the other day and we were discussing some misconceptions out there in the coffee world. It started because I had just been pulling some test shots of La Bella Vita Espresso earlier in the day. While some might think that I am fortunate to be working with espresso fresh out… Continue Reading

PT’s Competitor Training Begins!

PT’s Coffee Competitor Training Hello all! The SCAA Midwest Regional Barista Competition is quickly approaching and the PT’s Team is gearing up for another round of practice sessions! We have found, year after year, that these competitions have brought a higher awareness to our retail customer base, as well as higher expectations. These events have… Continue Reading

Changing of the guard…

  All good things must come to an end, or so they say. Friday marked the end of an era for us here at PT’s as two of our staff embarked on their next journeys in life. Marty Gish, roaster extraordinaire, and Victoria Kattenberg, marketing coordinator, have officially flown the coop. They are sad to… Continue Reading

LBC Day 3!

Another day gone by and it ended on the best note of them all. Pete’s in da Finals baby!!! I know I have already said it, but this is where months of hard work gets you. And we at PT’s couldn’t be more proud. Well…we could. When we bring home the whole thing! Robin did… Continue Reading

Another day in the sun….good times for the crew!

I missed blogging yesterday so everyone is gonna get the scoop for two days worth. My dearest appologies too all our fellow readers in the whirled wyde web, hehe.So after a not so busy first day and short nights rest, my day started pretty early with a volunteer meeting. I was representing the PT’s crew… Continue Reading

Hello from Long Beach!!

Well, everyone made it here to Long Beach in one piece. As much as I would like to say this post will be full of madness, mayhem, and mystery, but two out of three isn’t bad right? I arrived around 12:30 today and found a shuttle to Long Beach, excited about attending my very first… Continue Reading


Great news! We just received our reviews from Ken Davids of www.Coffeereview.com and we scored very well. Ken reviewed two of our coffees. The first is a Cup of Excellence coffee from El Salvador called Finca Los Planes. We were a bit concerned how this coffee might score as the green crop is nearing a… Continue Reading