PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. wins SCAA’s Midwest Regional Barista Competition!

                                                             PT’s take 2 of top 3 at the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s 2009 Midwest Regional Barista Competition. On February 1st, 2009 Chris Weber took 3rd… Continue Reading

Home Equipment: Instruction and Review

I was fortunate enough recently to have the opportunity to try out a Rancilio Silvia espresso machine, as well as a Baratza Vario grinder. Not only did I get to play with them, but I was allowed to take them home to see what they are capable of in a home environment. I brought the following home with… Continue Reading


It’s that time again. The PT’s Coffee Roasting Co.’s competition training team has started practice…as of last weekend. This year’s competition schedule is a bit crunched as the World Barista Championship will be held with the SCAA Annual Conference this April (in Atlanta, GA). What that means for U.S. competitors is that the SCAA’s United… Continue Reading

Basic Business Tips for Success

I am in love with the specialty coffee industry. Of all the things I could have done with my life, I am so glad that I found coffee early and have had the opportunity to hone my skills as a barista and trainer and am able to spread the good news of great coffee. One… Continue Reading


This morning, Adam (our roaster), Bryan (cupper and customer service rep) and I had a cupping that included a newer crop as well as Sumatra Gayo Mountain and Los Planes Reserva del Mandador. I had been tasting our La Bella Vita espresso (quite tasty!) and thought I would mosey in just to see what the… Continue Reading

World Barista Championship Equipment Sponsers Announced!

As of this morning, the official equipment sponsors of the World Barista Championship were announced. We at PT’s, having been involved in this event since 2001, are proud to share the news that Nuova Simonelli’s Aurelia was was chosen to be the official espresso machine through the 2011 season of this, and all SCAA USBC… Continue Reading

PT’s Barista in the news!

PTs Coffee Roasting Co.’s outstanding barista and USBC Runner-up two consecutive years, Pete Licata, is interviewed by Kansas City’s independent and alternative news magazine Pitch Weekly! Read the interview, it’s fun and entertaining.Here’s to making great coffee! Jeff 

Cold Press: Summer’s Unsung Coffee Hero

Summer has officially arrived and it’s the perfect time for one of my favorite brewing methods: Cold Press. The last couple of days I have put aside my usual coffee habits, and switched my daily imbibing to cold press.  What is it? It’s a method of brewing coffee with cold water rather than hot, which… Continue Reading

Last weekend of competition practice!

23 full days…552 hours…33,120 minutes. I don’t even want to know what that is in seconds (ok, I did the math and it was just shy of 2 million). But, it is a lot of time. It is approximately the amount of time that each of our barista competitors has spent practicing for the 2008… Continue Reading