When I am talking with customers on the phone, one question I often receive is, “Which coffee do you drink?” So I thought that it might be helpful to start up a regular blog about what we here at PTs are drinking. Hopefully this will give you a little personal reference for many of our coffees and also give you some insight into the quirky personalities hanging around here. So for today, Jeff and I are going to let you in on what we have been drinking lately.TODAY I AM DRINKING…BryanToday I am drinking our Sumatra Blue Batak. Talk about a great Sumatran. Personally, I am a big fan of the coffees that have nice, fruity and floral notes to them. So I usually prefer the coffees of Africa and Central America. Many people love the deep earthiness and body of Sumatran coffees, but they don’t usually make my list of favorite coffees. But this Sumatran is really an incredible one. It still has the deep earthiness typical of Sumatran coffees, but is just incredibly clean and even has that a bit of a grapefruit like sweetness to it. – Bryan


So I’m lucky, if not a little spoiled! I get to drink our coffee everyday and I pretty much have the pick of the lot at my disposal. So what did I drink today? House Blend, what else?

We’ve recently reworked the blend to be a little more balanced and smooth. So I was eager to try it this morning and see if we succeeded. I grabbed a cup while passing through our Barrington Village store first thing this morning. What I got was a very easy cup to drink. Soft and nicely sweet without the edgy fruit that can sometimes be overwhelming. A nice acidity with hints of apricot and peach in the finish. This cup has a big, creamy body with a simple finish. I think we succeeded and hope you think so too! I’m going back for another cup. ~ Jeff