Are you looking for the perfect gift to give the coffee lover in your family? Check out this new brewer we just got in stock! I’ve personally owned one of these brewers in my home for the past year. It works! Its as simple as that. No bells and whistles, doesn’t do 10 different things and then cook dinner too. But it does brew the best coffee I’ve ever had from a home brewer.

The Technivorm is one of the only brewers to pass the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s standards for brewing. This model gets water to the optimal temperature of 200 degrees. A powerful heating element gets up to temperature in seconds and the brewer has an optimal brew cycle of approximately 7 minutes, producing a 4-6 minute saturation time for coffee grounds. These brewers are produced in the Netherlands and only found through a few sources in the United States. The Technivorm brews directly into a thermal carafe, which allows the coffee to stay hot. This also keeps it off a heating element, thereby preventing that “burned” taste.

A complimentary LB. of PTs Coffee Co. Cup of Excellence coffee Bolivia Pico del Tucan and a box of #4 paper filters are included with this purchase to get you started off right.

Perfect Brewing Notes:
If you would like us to grind your coffee for this brewer, we recommend you choose grind level coarse. It’s a bit coarser than auto drip and will better withstand the high water temperature that this brewer produces. Also note that the manufacturer’s water level markings on the side of the water holding tank do not indicate the recommended 6oz. cup size. Please use your own measuring cup to correctly measure the proper grounds to water ratio (2 level tablespoons ground coffee to 6oz. of cold, filtered water).

Enjoy PTs coffee at home!

Warm Regards