Well, this post is better late than never! And because it’s so late, I’m going to keep it brief. Just the highlights.

Not too long ago I participated on the jury for the Best of Panama coffee competition. It was my first trip to Panama so I was very excited about getting the invitation. And as many of you know, PTs purchased Panama Esmeralda Special last year. Esmeralda Special has won the competition each of the last two years. So I was very excited about the chance to cup this coffee along with all the other outstanding coffees that I know come from Panama. The absolutely amazing part was just how much the Esmeralda stood out on the cupping table. It was the clear winner in every round of cupping. You could smell it on the table when we sniffed the dry grounds. You know, I’m not one to say one coffee is better than another. Because I believe all specialty coffees are good in their own way. You just have to appreciate them for what they are. But this coffee is different. I’m actually willing to say this is the best coffee on earth…so far!
Hacienda La Esmeralda Special

Well, I’ll cut to the chase since the auction has come and gone. Esmeralda Special won again. But this year it managed the highest price ever paid for an auction coffee, $50.25 per pound. Amazing! Congrats to Stumptown, Intelligensia and Coffee Works – Great job!

The exciting news is that we will once again have this outstanding coffee. Price Peterson, producer of the great coffee, has made it available to us since we purchased it last year. And for that, a big heartfelt thank you goes out to the Peterson family.

We should have the coffee in-house by mid to late July. We are taking pre-orders since it won’t last long. So if you are so inclined, log on and place your orders now. If you love coffee, you won’t be dissappointed!

— Jeff