Guatemala coffees are always a delight to roast, brew and drink. It’s hard to describe the flavor of a Guatemalan coffee though in generic terms. Thats because the country is so diverse, the land so rich in mineral content and the weather so perfect for growing coffee it’s almost hard not to grow a nice coffee here. But growing a great coffee is an entirely different experience. And a great coffee in one region of Guatemala will taste entirely different than a great coffee grown in another region. Taking a break from Cupping in Guatemala Guatemalan woman on the streetsYou’ll get great balance and richness from an Antigua coffee, high acidity from coffees in Huehuetenango region, great body from extra prime coffees that are grown at a slightly lower elevation. There are so many very nice coffees in this wild and beautiful country. But I’m not looking for “nice” coffees. You can buy those from virtually every roaster in the market today. So you can imagine how strange it must have been for the coffee farmers I would meet with a couple of weeks ago when I was traveling through Guatemala. They would ask: “what are you looking for?” and I would respond “a great, rare or exceptional coffee and I’m willing to pay extra for it.”Some of them – no most of them – were confused or thought I didn’t know what I wanted. But there were a couple that got it. One in particular that I look forward to working with. When I responded to him in the same way I did the others, he smiled and listed off his projects that he had underway already. Some naturally processed coffees (very unique in Guatemala), some very high grown Pacamara and Geisha trees, some experiments with fermentation and so on. He was eager to show me what he had. Only one problem, harvest is a touch late this year, so there really wasn’t any coffee to taste, only look at on the tree. But none the less, after a week of traveling, by small bus, in Guatemala, I think I may have found what I was looking for. It’s going to take another trip to Guatemala, in February, to confirm my findings.