On my morning commute, it always seems like war and violence dominate the news.  Stories about innocent people hiding in their houses for days on end tug on my heartstrings.  In the midst of all of these stories, the ones that report someone giving a helping hand or bringing a little joy into the lives of young people are always heartening.

At PT’s Coffee, we treasure the opportunities we have to bring a little joy into the communities that help produce our coffees.  Oftentimes we are able to do something that may seem somewhat insignificant to us but has a tremendous impact on these people and their communities.  One such effort is finally coming to fruition.  In Central America, one sure way to make a significant impact upon the local community is through football.  In partnership with Finca Los Planes (Sergio and Isabel have a true heart for their community), PT’s Coffee has supplied the local football team with new uniforms.

We hope that these beautiful new uniforms will help bring a little bit of joy to this community that helps to produce some of the best coffee in El Salvador.  Next week, Jeff Taylor and PT’s store manager Robin Seitz will deliver the uniforms and a new lot of medical supplies during their visit to Finca Los Planes.  Check out the new uniforms below!

 Los Planes Jersey