PTs Coffee Roasting Co. is proud to announce we led a group of roasters from around the United States  and El Salvador to purchase Finca La Lainez – Lot #6 – in the Cup of Excellence auction held June 5, 2008. In the process we assisted, San Salvador based cafe and roaster, Viva Espresso to become pioneers as the first El Salvador roaster to purchase coffee in the El Salvador Cup of Excellence auction. Viva Espresso is owned by Federico and Lily Bolanos. We are very proud to be a part of this partnership in making Salvadoran history and also look forward to supporting Lily Bolanos in the World Barista Championship later this month. Lily is the Salvadoran Barista Champion and will be representing her country  later this month in Copenhagen.  To read more about the coffee we will be receiving read below or click here!  

Lot#: 6 Jaime Pedro Ginjaume – La Laínez

La Laínez La Laínez La Laínez


Jaime Pedro Ginjaume was born in Santiago de María, Usulután in 1948. He started working in the coffee business at age 20, guided by the coffee tradition of his parents and grandparents, at a time when coffee was the most important economic activity of this country. The name of the farm responds to the name of the previous owner, Florentín Laínez, who in 1946 sold it to the Ginjaume family and since then it has passed from generation to generation as one of the family’s most precious heritages. Back in the 1940’s this coffee was exported to Italy, and since then it has been appreciated as one of the best in this area.

La Laínez is located at the top of “Cerro El Tigre” (Tiger’s Hill) in the Tecapa-Chinameca Mountain Range, at an altitude of approximately 1,500 meters above sea level.

This is the first time La Laínez competes in the Cup of Excellence, motivated by the result of the unique attributes shown by this farm in regional cupping events organized by different entities. This was the beginning of Jaime Pedro’s adventure, who, along with the help from the people from UNEX, S.A. de C.V. planned activities for the agricultural period 2007/2008. When they were starting the harvesting season, they planned to do it as timely as possible, and at the adequate ripeness to ensure a homogenous lot. The pickers were instructed to select only the best coffee available, avoiding over-ripped, immature green or defective cherries. Subsequently, his coffee was transported to the Oromontique Mill, were it was immediately processed in an eco-friendly mill, and parchment was dried in the clay brick patios.

This coffee plantation is 100% Bourbon, with a density of 1,750 trees per hectare and ages that range between 30 and 60 years. The canopy of shade is built basically by Pepeto trees (Ingas) with a density of 50 trees per hectare, pruned to stimulate development of horizontal branches to form a crown-like top.

Additional information Location: Cantón Cerro El Tigre, Santiago de MaríaCoffee varieties: BourbonType of Shade: Ingas, Pepeto, Cuje, etc.Average Annual Rainfall: 2,350 mmAverage Temperature: 26-18º CType of Soil: Sandy loamAnnual Production: (60kg) 47 bagsMill and company where lot was process: Beneficio Oromontique (UNEX S.A. de C.V)Other crops: Bananas Fauna: Deer, rabbit, armadillo, torogoz, different kinds of snakes, etc.GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 13º 27’ 49.5’’ NLongitude: 88º 26’ 19.3’’ W


Property Characteristics: Coffee Characteristics:
Farm: La Laínez
Farmer: Jaime Pedro Ginjaume
Rank: 6
City: Santiago de María, Usulután
Country: El Salvador
Farm Size: 16.00 Hectares
Coffee growing area: 10.50 Hectares
Altitude: 1500 masl
Certification: None
Variety: Bourbón
Processing System: Washed & Sun-dried
Lot Size: 20 bags
International Jury Score: 89.31
Cupping Number #: HLB-536
Jury Descriptions: well balanced (22), crisp acidity (17), bright acidity (16), long lasting apple taste (12), chocolate (11), caramel (10), juicy raspberry (10), apricot (7), dried berries (5), tea-like notes (5), consistent (17), long pleasant sweet aftertaste (12)
Please Note: If a number appears in brackets next to a description it indicates the number of jurors that agreed with that particular decription.