I got one of “those” emails a few weeks back that seemed a little strange at first . It was a “last chance offer” to respond to an opportunity from Google. Apparently a representative of Google had tried unsuccessfully the prior week to reach me via email only I didn’t respond.  I hate it when that happens. The only explanation I have is the dreaded – Junk Mail Folder.

But this time, I had just settled in at home for the evening and scanned my phone for emails as this one arrived. It just didn’t look like a typical junk mail. So I opened it and began reading.

It seemed strange at first because the initial paragraph was devoted to “this is your last opportunity” type of message from Google. I didn’t remember getting any previous messages from google so I was a bit confused. But as I read further I realized, this was not a “robot” email, it was from a person – Sophia – representing Google. The offer was for a film crew to produce a video on our business at NO CHARGE.

No Charge? Thats what I said!

Sure enough, Google had launched a campaign to get small businesses online in a state by state campaign. So at 7pm that evening I jumped out of my chair and made the return call. I didn’t want to risk my email getting stuck in her Junk Folder. As I spoke with Sophia on the phone, it turns out she’s a coffee lover and wanted to include us in their project. KANSASGETONLINE.com We’re under the Success Stories tab.

The example shared with me was a business from Austin, Texas and the TEXASGETONLINE.com website. It was really well put together and seemed very professional. But it still seemed too good to be true. So I pushed, even acted uninterested, just waiting for the other shoe to fall and her to tell me the real cost was thousands of dollars.

But the more I quizzed, the more it became apparent there were no strings. Only that we have representation at the Launch party in Kansas City. Seemed fair enough to me. So I agreed to proceed and meet with the film crew.

One week later, and a very long day spending time with the film crew, we sat back and waited for the results. I must admit to being a little nervous. For those that know me, I’m prone to OMIFS (also known as “Open Mouth Insert Foot Syndrome.”) So for the next week I recounted everything I said, over and over in my head, and said a silent prayer for good editors.

Well now the video has launched and you get to be the judge of my chronic OMIFS. I hope you enjoy it – it’s not always been easy, but it is…OUR STORY.