Adam clowning around

I’d like to take a moment to spotlight the man who, so attentively, masters the roasting of our coffees. Adam Ross, our “rockstar barista, ” gave me a few minutes of his very precious time. He proved his multi-tasking skills by nailing his current roast of Brazil Ipanema Dulce perfectly as he grappled with my incessant questions. I only hope to do this culinary master justice in so few words.

First off, Adam is not new to PT’s Coffee Roasting Co, as he started working for the company 3 years ago as a barista in our original store here in Topeka. He learned the ins and outs of our La Bella Vita espresso blend and quickly ascended to ‘Rockstar’ status. He has a diverse food background and can easily pick up on the subtleties of organic ingredients. One day, when Bryan and I were having a ‘roaster vs. barista’ discussion, I caught Adam as he was walking through the office. I asked him if his identity was more tied up in roasting or being a barista to which he said “My identity is as a dad first, and then as a culinary artist”. To him, whether it’s a coffee or food, it’s all ‘cooking’ of some variety and that’s where his passion lies. His current medium for expression is roasting, which he loves and gives his all. He said of his transition from barista-hood to roasting that one of the biggest things that he has learned is that he has more control over the end result than he ever did as a barista. There are numerous nuances that he never had a concept of in his stint at the store. “Every coffee is completely its own and requires unique attention” he said while we were discussing the science and art of roasting. When he talks about his newfound craft, his passion and excitement are contagious, and it translates directly into beauty of the brew.

Adam has varied interests and activities, so I will attempt to give you a brief glimpse into his personality. His current favorite coffee is the Ethiopia Biloya, which he drinks as often as he has access to it. If he could have a super power it would be to stop time, so that he could sit down and rest for a moment. He has a vastly eclectic range of music tastes, loving Vivaldi as much as the Grateful Dead. In his spare time he wants nothing other than spending time with his two boys and his greatest desire is to see his family come to fruition- “to watch the circle of life in action with grandkids and all.”