For over a year now we’ve been working to reward the pickers at Finca Los Planes in ElJeff and Munch Salvador for all their hard work. They’ve been very diligent in their harvest, picking only the ripest red cherries to ensure the coffee harvest from this small farm in El Salvador will be exceptional. We promised them early on that we would reward them for their hard work, and a couple of weeks ago, on my annual visit to Finca Los Planes,  I was able to live up to my word. In cooperation with Sergio and Isabel Ticas, owner of Finca Los Planes, we acquired complete uniforms for the local soccer team to wear in games. The jersey’s were adornedMedicines for Clinic with the PTs Coffee logo on one side and Finca Los Planes logo on the other. The quickest way to a young person’s heart in Central America is to appreciate their soccer team. Well, we do indeed appreciate their team and all the hard work they do in the fields to harvest one of the most outstanding coffees from El Salvador.  We look forward to a long partnership with Sergio, Isabel and the entire community of Finca Los Planes (small community located adjacent to the farm).In addition to the uniforms we provided medicine and small equipment for the local clinic to help keep the community safe. All of us at PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. are very proud to bring you this remarkable variety of coffee. We hope you enjoy the coffee and as a result the help we are able to provide the community.  ~ Jeff in El Salvador 

 Los Planes Soccer Team