Big news for another one of our Direct Trade partners. Juan Diego De La Cerda of Guatemala – Finca El Socorro y Anexos  – finished in the top 5 of the Coffee of the Year competition when the winners were announced by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Roasters Guild yesterday.

Processing Coffee Cherry

Processing Red and Yellow Caturra Coffee Cherry At Finca El Socorro

I just returned from visiting Juan Diego and his family last week in Guatemala City. While we were there we cupped our coffees for approval and put together the coffees we’ll be buying from his family this year. We’re very excited as this is only our second year to be partnering with the El Socorro farm and our decision to work with them is already proving to be a great decision. They have become great friends and partners for the future.

To read more about the event and see the entire list of winners follow this link. Coffee of the Year Winners