As part of our Direct Trade program at PTs Coffee Roasting Co. we visit the farms we work with on an annual basis to inspect the farms and learn, build relationships and evaluate the coffee prior to harvest, during harvest or after harvest.

This year, I arrived at Finca Cerro Paldo in Costa Rica just as the harvest had concluded. Although I did miss the actual harvest, I was able to spend a quality afternoon with the Monge Family at Finca Cerro Paldo enjoying lunch and a wonderful cup of coffee with Don Juan Rafael and his sons. We toured the farm and looked at areas of the farm they plan to plant with coffee later in the season. The goal is to double production to meet our needs over the next 5 years.

Finca Cerro Paldo won First Place in the 2007 Cup of Excellence and has been one of our prized Direct Trade partners at origin since. This will be our third year to buy the coffee and I can proudly report this is one of their top quality harvests. I’ll post more pictures from the farm soon.

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