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Hacienda La Esmeralda Especial has recieved so much acclaim over the past four years that it’s almost a non-event when another award is heaped upon it’s already bulging collection of trophy’s and certificates. The Panamanian farm that produces the world renowned coffee, La Esmeralda Especial, has done it again.

Just this week Ken Davids, of, cupped and evaluated PTs Coffee Roasting Co.’s roast of this very special coffee. And the results were astounding! Davids gave PTs roast of La Esmeralda Especial the highest score he has ever given a coffee in Coffeereview’s 10-year history. Davids gave a “97” on the 100 point scale. Only the third time in 10-years a coffee has recieved such high marks. Very rare praise indeed!
Coffee Review 97
David’s said of La Esmeralda Especial…
“With its bold, boat-shaped beans and distinctive floral and chocolate cup, the Esmeralda Panama Geisha continues to be one of the world’s most unique coffees. Tactfully roasted at PT’s Coffee.”
Read the full review and get your La Esmeralda Especial today at any PTs Coffee Roasting Co. location or online at
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