El Salvador Cup of Excellence supporters –

Nine years ago when El Salvador joined the Cup of Excellence family, many
nay-sayers said that this country could not identify small farms and did not
produce the kind of unique quality that was worthy of a Cup of Excellence
award. El Salvador has always had great processing facilities but most of
the coffees were being blended into volume exports.

In 2003, it was a rare cupper that had the opportunity to scrutinize
multiple samples of farm-identified heirloom Bourbons. Further, El
Salvador’s Pacamara coffees were considered by many to be of lesser quality.
It was unheard of to get to taste several of each from distinct

Fast forward to TODAY – Wednesday, JUNE 29 – auction day. After looking at the list of
winning farms and farmers, it is apparent that the coffee farmers of El
Salvador can and do produce exemplary coffee worthy of the Cup of

According to Head Judge, Paul Songer, “El Salvador is known for excellent
quality control, but the judges and I were amazed by the flawlessness of
these samples. Clean and sweet is just the start, however, it would be
difficult for me to imagine that a consumer would not find these coffees to
be obviously better than even many good specialty coffees.”

There are a record number of winning lots and it represents a
unique opportunity for roasters of all preferences to add an El Salvador Cup
of Excellence to their offerings. PTs will certainly be bidding to obtain at least one of these coffees, maybe more.

Thank you for your tremendous support for El Salvador’s producers over the years and look forward to sharing this year’s Cup of Excellence with you!

Best regards –

PTs Coffee Roasting Co. & The Cup of Excellence Team