Greetings from HQ! For the past six months we’ve been working towards a new roasting plant. It had to be equipped with all the tools necessary to roast world class espresso and train baristas to make world class coffee. Ideally, the building would be full of charm, character and scream – COOL! We looked at one building, several very long months ago, that fit the bill. But after a not so quick financial analysis, we decided…”COOL is over-rated!” We kind of like being coffee nerds. And roasting great coffee doesn’t have to happen in a cool building or for that matter, it doesn’t have to happen on one of the coasts. It does take passionate people who love what they do more than sitting at home watching another episode of some crazy sit-com. It takes a great team of dedicated coffee nerds. A team of coffee nerds willing to get up at 4am and still be working at 5pm to ship coffee to you the same day. So after six long months, I have no doubt, we have the COFFEE NERDS to do the job, now if we could just get moved into a first class roasting plant…

We found our NERD HQ’s and it’s about a block from where we used to be located. As a matter of fact, it’s in the same building.

It took 12 people, 8 pizza’s (a few beers) and three very long days, but we moved our entire roasting plant, roaster and all, on November 2, 3, and 4.

From the beginning, Ezra, Conner and Bret broke everything down and packed it in an “organized” way so that we could unpack it just as easily and place it back on the shelf. We hung speakers in the new warehouse so that same crew of hard working coffee dudes producing the coffee each day could “rock out” while they do it. We had a long weekend, but a successful weekend and we are happy to be in the new space!.

Adam Ross, our new roaster, made sure the green coffee was tucked safely away in an organized fashion. He then created his own little world surrounded by some of the worlds best coffees. From Ethiopia Biloya, Hacienda Esmeralda Special and La Montana to Costa Rica La Minita and Finca Los Planes; he made sure the coffee is all in order and ready to ship – or be delivered by our hard working, diligent and loyal delivery driver, Ezra.

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The office is again back in order! Holly has moved to the back of the room and created her own little heaven. Bryan took his spot in the front of the room to greet visitors and Danielle (our newest customer service nerd) is sitting right next to the door. All is well! Fred even has the biggest office you’ve ever seen! I’m sure that is only temporary as he will have to share as we grow and add staff. But he knows that and is just happy having a little space for now. So the NERDS are ready to go for the holiday season. We’ve got the best coffee on the planet and we are ready to ship it to you on a moments notice.

Take a look at our blog if you get time. Join in our expansion and join our own proud “COFFEE NERD HERD.”