Great news! We just received our reviews from Ken Davids of and we scored very well. Ken reviewed two of our coffees.

The first is a Cup of Excellence coffee from El Salvador called Finca Los Planes. We were a bit concerned how this coffee might score as the green crop is nearing a full year old. But after we got the review it is STILL one of the top scores ever given out on coffeereview. He gave the outstanding coffee a 95 out of a possible 100!
El Salvador – Finca Los Planes

The next coffee he reviewed is a “Direct Trade” coffee for us. We bought this coffee following the 2005 Colombia Cup of Excellence and we still believe it to be one of the best Colombians we’ve ever tasted. As it turns out, Ken agrees with us giving Finca El Palacio from the Huila department a score of 94 out of a possible 100.
Colombia Finca El Palacio

We’ll keep searching out great coffees so that we can all keep enjoying them! :O)