Tuesday, December 18th, is the day we’ve set aside to roast Cup of Excellence coffees and still be able to ship and deliver prior to Christmas. We still have a small, but excellent, selection to choose from. But it’s not just Cup of Excellence coffees that could brighten your morning on Christmas!

From Bolivia we have an outstanding coffee that was a sleeper in the auction at #14 – Pico del Tucan!

From El Salvador – Finca Los Planes Pacamara is proving to be one of the top coffees on the planet.

From Kenya our new crohttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifp has been spectacular. This coffee, produced in the Nyeri region by the Kieni Coop, has a crisply sweet acidity – like pineapple juice. The round mouthfeel is sweet like you picked the pineapple fresh. Its a wonderful coffee with a clean, soft finish that will leave you looking for another cup.

Our Holiday Blend ’06 is a bold stroke of African and Arabian coffees. Jayson, our Head Roaster, created this jewel by sampling Yemen Mocha, Ethiopia Harrar, Ethiopia Yergacheffe and even Tanzania Peaberry. But the finished product is bold with subtle flavors of caramel and ripe red fruit that lingers on your pallat before finishing with hints of spice. Not intended to be an “all day coffee.” This one will go well with a breakfast fruit or chocolate filled croissant – or as an after dinner dessert.

Ever brewed your coffee with a French Press Pot? It’s the best way to taste the pure flavor of a great coffee. Follow these simple and enjoy your coffee.