Two auctions are complete and we bought some of the best out of both! First, our friends in Panama, the Peterson family, held their first ever “Private Auction” for Hacienda La Esmeralda Special. This coffee has become so popular that the family took an unusual step to determine value of the Geisha variety coffee. They held a private auction for all ten lots of the coffee. In previous years, roasters were simply allotted so many bags. Of course the “Top” lots were auctioned through the Best of Panama and the remaining crop was sold to industry professionals who had built a relationship with the family through previous purchasing efforts. The price per lb. was set somewhat arbitrarily based on previous years auctions. It truly put the producers in an awkward position of determining value of their crop.This years auction seemed like the best answer to determine “real” value. Of course the best lots this year, which are traditionally harvested from “North of the Creek” at the highest point on the Peterson farm, sold for the highest price again. These lots received over $100 per lb. in the auction. We didn’t purchase these lots.Following our cupping of all lots prior to the auction, we determined that the lots we wanted were merely a point or two different from the top lots. But that point or two on a cupping scale equaled about $85 per lb in the auction. We chose to bid on value for our customers and purchased what we believe are the second best lots in the auction.First, we bought Lot #6 – This section of the farm was harvested in January from North of the Creek and some from South of the Creek. We thought that this coffee showed real maturity in the cup. It is excellent right now. All the wonderful characteristics of a Geisha coffee were present. Sweetness, perfume, jasmine, tea-like, elegance, tropical fruits all were present in the cup. So we went after this lot first and got it. This will be the lot we roast from first when the coffee arrives in July. We purchased two additional batches, both from Lot #10. This was my favorite cup! Also harvested from north of the creek and some from south of the creek, but harvested later in the season. The later harvest allowed for more development in the beans and produced an outstanding cup. You can truly see the “north of the creek” harvest influence in the flavor. Sweetness, perfume, jasmine, tea-like, elegance, tropical fruits but this cup had brighter acidity and an overall balance to make it my favorite. It is truly difficult to justify the $100 per lb. price tag that the North of the Creek lots of Esmeralda achieved. Roasted they will sell for nearly $200 per lb; you can understand my hesitance to bid on these lots. From the lots we purchased our price will remain in the $50-$60 per lb. range.How does this price affect your morning cup of coffee? Well if you do the math based on 2.5 oz per 10 cup pot, your cost per cup is still only $.78 cents per cup. Not a bad price to enjoy one of the best coffees on earth!Hacienda La Esmeralda Special should be arriving sometime in July. We are already taking pre-orders and offering a $5 discount for your consideration. For only .78 cents per cup, you can brew for your friends one of the best coffees on earth.

Jeff Cupping with the Petersons

The Nicaragua Cup of Excellence Auction just finished minutes ago. PTs again scored big with what, in my opinion, was the best coffee in the Nicaraguan auction. Finca La Gloria and Finca Limoncillo are sister farms both literally and figuratively: they are neighboring farms and belong to two sisters in the Matagalpa region of Nicaragua. La Gloria belongs to Ethel McEwan, acquired in 1938 by their father Esteban McEwan, and Finca Limoncillo belongs to Maria Ligia Mierisch McEwan .This outstanding coffee was cultivated from a single varietal named Java-Nica, an Ethiopian Long-Berry. A lot of work went into producing this coffee. It was a risky venture to cultivate it as this varietal came from a coffee research facility that had closed and the variety was new to the region. Despite the odds, it has been an experiment that paid off for the families. Fincas La Gloria and Limoncillo combined their limited quantity of this cultivar for the Cup of Excellence competition.This coffee has been seven years in the making and PTs Coffee Roasting Co., along with our purchasing partners in the auction, are thrilled with the results of the experiment. This is a Nicaraguan coffee that has the flare of an Ethiopian varietal. Outstanding sweetness, a citrus acidity, floral nose from fragrance to cup, Jasmine and Lemon-Tea like flavor, cedarish notes and a deep, complex flavor that leans towards winey in the finish.This is the first time in several years we’ve purchased in the Nicaraguan Cup of Excellence. When you taste this coffee you’ll know why we went out of our way to buy this coffee. You should see this coffee in July. Both Panama Esmeralda Special and Finca La Gloria /Limoncillowill will have high price tags, but I never promised inexpensive coffee, only the best coffee I could find!You will love these purchases when they arrive. I look forward to sharing them with you. Jeff T.PTs Coffee Roasting Co.