So there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the competition circuit this season regarding a newer grinder on the scene.  The Anfim.Wanting to at least understand it better, if not use it ourselves, Jeff was nice enough to buy one for our team of baristi to experiment with and evaluate.  Here’s what we’ve found out.1.  Its huge titanium burrs and high rpms actually grind coffee faster than our typical Robur conical.2. Though it is a step adjustment grinder (not an infinite adjustable) the Search Modification allows for minute adjustments to dosing to compensate for the tiniest amount of changing needed.3. The doser (doser star) sweeps remarkably clean.4. When used properly, you can reduce your waste to nearly nothing and get a VERY consistent result.  It is the most consistent timed doser I’ve ever played with.5.  It takes some serious barista skill to use this grinder properly.  This is not a cheap trick.  It is a serious professional skill level tool.Dialing in the grind can be a little tricky because of how the Search modification works.  It grinds for a set time (adjusted by an exceptionally touchy little knob).  If you need to change your grind, you need to compensate by changing your grind time to make sure you still end up with the same amount of coffee. Its just the basic physics of the beast.  It takes longer to grind the same amount of coffee finer than it does to grind it coarser…So, say you need to fine up your grind 1 notch.  You need to adjust you grind, run a purge, and then increase your grind time a tiny bit to make up for the extra time needed to hit your dose.Likewise to coarsen you grind; adjust your grind, purge, and the DECREASE your grind time to compensate.The finer control you exert over the grind time, the less waste you will be producing per shot.  In a retail setting this grinder could save you a LOT of money.  It is less expensive than a lot of high level grinders out there as well.All of the writing I have seen out there about the Anfim has stated that you don’t need to, or want to level your coffee after dosing it into the portafilter.  I can’t explain the whys, but it seems to be true.  I tried several leveling techniques, settling the grounds (by tapping on the grinder tines) and then leveling, just settling, and not settling or leveling.My experience found that whenever I tried to level off, I got channeling and inconsistent shots.  But just settling carefully, or not at all, got me very consistent shots.  It was blowing my mind, but it worked.  I’ll have to dive into a scientific conversation with someone to figure out just why because it is really intriguing me.There are a couple of down sides to the Anfim with the mod.1. There is no good or consistent way to pulse grind.2. It is lighter than the Robur, so if you are a quick/hard doser, you will be moving the grinder all over the place.  You need to learn to calm down or put something under the base that will not allow the grinder to shift around.3. A lot of coffee hangs up at the opening of the chute coming down from the burrs.  If you clean it out really good for, say, a competition, you need to prime the grinder by purging a good amount to fill this chute back up to get your consistent dose you so desire.4. Its grind adjustment is super smooth, almost to a fault.  Its really easy to move two notches instead of just one if you’re not careful and paying close attention.  And I guess I really wish there was an infinitely adjustable dial model.All in all though.  I find the Anfim grinder to be an excellent piece of equipment.  I am already begging Jeff to get one for our Barrington Village retail location.  I’m totally sold on its retail application.And for those worried about the automation of our field, and those worried that this is one step removing the skill of the true professional barista from the equation (the “Manos” of the 4 M’s in espresso), you should know that I was in that camp too…Until I used this grinder.  To use it properly, you MUST be a barista of high skill and understanding of your coffee and how the physics of you tools work.  The barista is still the key element of the equation.  Instead of doing your dose adjustments on the fly though, you do the calibration of your tool up front.I have used the Anfim, and I am now a believer.  Purchase an Anfim Grinder!Robin Seitz