The ice is thawing in Topeka finally. And with each drop of water that melts making the roads safer to drive on, our moods in the PTs Coffee Roasting Co. offices improve just a little bit.  Well, thats the way I was going to start this blog, until late last night when I got an email review from Ken Davids of Coffee Review. Just in time for the holidays, Ken Davids, renowned author, coffee cupper and owner of  the worlds best coffee reviewing website, has reviewed four more of PTs Coffee Roasting Co. coffees. Three of them scored above 90 points and the fourth got an 89. Just in case you are counting, thats the 12th time we’ve rated above 90 this year. That doesn’t include the other two reviews in which we got 89.Thats consistency!  Below are a couple of the most recent reviews! Order now while there is still time for Holiday delivery!


Orange Bourbon El Salvador

Reviewed:  December 2007

Aroma                        9

Acidity                        8

Body                        7

Flavor                        8

Aftertaste            8

Origin: El Salvador.

Roast (Agtron): (53/67)


Blind assessment: Pure, finely articulated coffee with notes of coffee fruit (tart cherry), orange and a crisp, minty, distinct but uncandylike chocolate. The chocolate note carries into a finish that remains on the delicately rich side of astringent.

Who should drink it: Lovers of delicately tart, refined and barely sweet desserts 


Rwanda Bufcafé

Reviewed:  December 2007

Aroma                        8

Acidity                        8

Body                        8

Flavor                        8

Aftertaste            7

Origin: Rwanda.

Roast (Agtron): (50/65)


 Blind assessment: A deep, roundly low-toned coffee with pleasingly Deep, round, low-toned aroma with distinct lemony (perhaps orangy) chocolate notes. In the cup smooth, balanced acidity, silky mouthfeel, and tart cherry and continued lemon-toned chocolate notes. A note that could be called banana appears toward the long, flavor-saturated, very slightly astringent finish.  

Who should drink it: A balanced, versatile cup, quietly acidy but sweetly smooth, and an excellent candidate for those interested in sampling an origin that is emerging as a distinctive addition to the great East African coffee repertoire.

  See all of PTs Coffee Roasting Co.’s reviews!  More about KEN DAVIDS:Kenneth DavidsKenneth Davids, coffee expert, author, and co-founder of The Coffee Review, oversees all of our cuppings. He regularly contributes a feature called Cupping with Ken Davids, which reviews roasters’ coffees and rates them using the Coffee Review proprietary 100-point rating system. Ken’s formal involvement with coffee began in the early 1970s, when he opened a coffee business in Berkeley, California. Since then he has published t
hree books on coffee: A Guide to Buying, Brewing and Enjoying, which helped shape the specialty coffee movement in the United States, Home Coffee Roasting: Romance and Revival, and Espresso: Ultimate Coffee, which was nominated for a James Beard award. In 2000 he co-produced, hosted, and wrote the script for “The Passionate Harvest”, an hour-long documentary film on coffee production that has won numerous awards, including a prestigious Platinum Award at the Houston Film Festival.
He has assisted growers in finding wholesale markets for their coffees, trained cuppers, and designed blends for a variety of clients. His workshops and seminars on coffee sourcing and evaluation have been featured at professional coffee meetings in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, and Japan. In 1996, he was awarded a “Special Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to Coffee Literature” by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).